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why hire a designer?

Many may wonder why one might hire a designer. There are sooooo many questions like are you overwhelmed by so many options, are you designing for something that will last, do you like trendy things, do you plan to redo any of this anytime soon, do you want to make an investment and increase your home’s value, are you selecting the right product…the list is endless! Or maybe you simply haven't a clue where to even start? Projects can range from size to budgets, from timelines to styles, and heads can quickly start to spin. There are so many reasons, so we have a quick top 10 list of why we would hire a designer! Enjoy.

1- You and your significant other are not seeing eye to eye. Dare we say couples don’t always agree on something, or what one might be saying the other is not actually catching. We don’t always pick up what the other person is putting down. Things can add up fast and we can help communicate and educate the details your project needs. We take the complexity out of the ongoing conversations that never went anywhere and help both parties understand the full scope of their project before they would even start the design phase. One of the main reasons is, it’s hard to verbally communicate what is in your head and that pretty picture one might be seeing. Hence #2……

2- You can’t visualize it. Sketching is great but sometimes might not be enough. We come in and quickly focus on your project areas of the home, gather measurements and go to town showing you the existing, in combination with the many options that might come. We can sit you in the seat, walk you down the hallway or have you entered through your front door to get the full effect. You will see finishes (if pre-selected or suggested), and feel the space as if you were in it.

3- Budgets can easily and quickly get blown. We love HGTV and watch it ourselves but the one thing that gets us is the unrealistic budgets. Things add up super quick on the smallest projects. When you forget something, it might need to be rushed (if that is even possible) and those errors add up. Finding the right trade for your budget is import too! Knowing where you can cut corners and where you maybe don’t want the bargain deals, is something we can help with. We don’t want you having regrets and no money left to fix them. Knowing and understanding what you value in your project helps us design for YOUR budget needs.

4- Having a plan helps keep budgets and timelines on track. You will never meet a designer who doesn’t ohh and ahh over planning. It’s part of our genetics. These plans not only help you as the homeowner know what is going on, but it helps cultivate conversation and sometimes bring light to things that are important that may not have been part of the plan from the get go. Budgets get easily blown by lag in time, errors or mistakes. It’s true- time is money! We find great joy in planning every detail of your project to keep you on budget and timeline, all while designing your dream spaces.

5- Codes… what codes? It is important to know when you can’t do something that might cause harm to your occupants. It is an ease of mind knowing that you did it RIGHT! We are all in favor of DIYers, but when it comes to codes like moving walls, load bearing details, electrical, plumbing, and so much more, let us take that stress off your shoulders. Nothing is worse than not passing inspection because something was done simply wrong. These mistakes can cost you money and time as you may be required to rip out something you just finished.

6- Accessibility to discounts, and knowing options. As designers we get access to trade discounts. These are passed onto our clients, and who doesn’t like to save a little money!? With that comes less stress as we can take care of ordering that for you. This deal keeps getting sweeter as we will also arrange all of the delivery details. Sign me up! The resources we have is a never-ending list. You may love Restoration Hardware but not have the budget for it. No problem, we can find you comparable solutions in a timely fashion. Many times, this leads one to our Mood Boards!

7- Thinking outside the box. We see things you can’t. It’s like Tetris for designers and its part of how our brains work. It’s a challenge we accept! We love breaking it down, dissecting and prioritizing and checking off as many of those wish list boxes. Spaces can be tricky….obstacles can give you tunnel vision, and if you are in the space all day long, you might not be able to see if any other way. That is the best part of getting a fresh pair of designer eyes on the space – new ideas, creativity and unexpected thoughts. This is why we love our design reveals. Seeing jaws drop, excitement and hearing someone say “I never thought of that”, makes our job so fun!

8- Putting Pinterest to paper to fit your spaces needs. Give us all the Houzz or Pinterest boards and let us make your visuals fit your space and needs. It’s rare when someone doesn’t have a ‘inspirational’ photo and we encourage this. However sometimes that can be tricky to bring it to life with your sizes, etc. We can take your visuals and show you exactly what you would be compromising or gaining. We can walk you through what options can come from that one image. We can tweak it to meet every need you wish!

9- Managing the nitty gritty: selections, details, and trades, oh my! Do you like managing other people, tracking shipments, having difficult conversations if needed? It might not be a bad deal if projects went 100% perfect with no hiccups and came in under budget and ahead of timeline, however many of those (or all) can go south really quick without experience. Part of our services and company values is to take the complexity out of design, allowing you to enjoy the process. Let us help you enjoy the process and your project!

10- We are fun to work with…well we think so! We like to laugh with our clients, get to know you personally, and end with friendships. We want you to enjoy the process and your spaces. We want you to want to do another project with us, because you simply enjoyed the last one with us so much! We want you to want to show off your space, rave about your time spent with us and feel confident you made the right choice in hiring a designer to nail your project. These are investments, hard work money earned and you want to know that you have spent your money well. We are transparent, always able to find solutions and enjoy sharing our knowledge, kindness and confidence with you!

Our list could go on, and we would love to hear why you have hired a designer. How was your experience and what was your favorite part? Share a comment below!

Happy designing!

Kerra + Kendra

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