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why hello...

Well who would of thunkin’ that in 2020 we would have a pandemic and the world would kind of shut down! Not these girls! With all that is going on, a bunch of new followers and life, we thought this would be the perfect time to re-introduce ourselves.

We are Kendra and Kerra, an identical twin duo who can’t get enough of each other and design! We are based out of the greater Grand Rapids Michigan area where we were born and raised. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, challengers and co-partners! And we wouldn’t want it any other way!

We both knew design was what we wanted to do well before college. So, when it was time to make a decision, it was easy as we headed to the CIDA accredited MSU to obtain a Bachelors of Arts in interior design. Feeling all the feels about our west Michigan stomping ground, we made our way back to peruse our dreams of being an interior designer in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. After 8 years we knew the timing was right to start our own thing…and soon Times Two Design Co. was born.

Design is in everything and from our backgrounds and passions, we can tackle any design needs from mood boards to construction drawings. We take what you’re thinking and bring it to life using 3D visuals! Walking our clients through their space and educating them of their options along the way, builds strong and fun relationship we are proud to have with each and every client!

Now that we’ve got the nitty gritty out of the way, we bet you want to know some fun things about us ladies…here you go!

Kerra –

  • The younger one (by a whole 12 minutes).

  • Has two sweet little fellas and a very handy hubby, Jake, who is a certified welder and cow loving farm boy.

  • Is a lover of neutrals, textures and patterns.

  • Thinks Pinterest is the new google.

  • Loves to cook, bake and try new foods…thank you stay-at-home order for all the extra cooking opportunities.

  • They recently bought an old farm and are heavy into fixing it up and making it their own – it’s cute as a button (and on a road called Button, so that would be a cute farm name- right?!).

  • Kerra has the attention to detail that would surpass anyone, making her shine like a diamond!

  • Kerra previously worked for a design build company right after she graduated MSU and learned along the way so much knowledge yet is always eager to ask questions and learn more.

  • Kerra prefers her hair curled, throws the best parties decked out in the cutest themes.

  • Has a dog-Edward, a cow-Grace and is determined to be mother hen as she learns how to hatch a baby duck.

  • Kerra is goal driven, and by golly when she sets them – she’s gonna meet and crush them!

Kendra –

  • Momma to three boys and wifie to HVAC guru and owner of a service HVAC company, Jeremy. Jeremy proposed on his family farm, back at boot lake, and caught it all on his deer camera (pretty impressive).

  • Together they bought an old dairy farm house and have worked on it over the years to make the house a home, one room at a time.

  • While most of Kendra’s designs have been in commercial spaces, including her past employers’ companies headquarters over in Sweden, she enjoys residential design tremendously.

  • Kendra prefers her hair straight, loves to cook, and has type A + OCD characteristics (no shame in the OCD game) and knows how to get-it-done!

  • Kendra is a can-do, always find a solution kind of gal and that is a tremendous asset to all aspects of life, including her role at Times Two Design Co.

  • She is fun, spunky, and is perfectly comfortable to accept any challenge where she can dance, dress up or get to meet new people.

  • She prefers dinner out on the deck.

  • Is a fan of dramatic pops in her décor.

  • Loves decorating for the holidays and making magical memories with her family.

  • Has a big heart for design, serving clients and always with a positive attitude!

The duo -

  • Kerra has a light dark birth mark and Kendra has a light one, about the same shape and size. When we were little, we would tell people that is where we were connected which is completely not true one bit, but funny to see the reaction on their faces!

  • We exchanged classes once in 2nd grade but the other students knew instantly!

  • Our kids think the other twin is always their mom – especially when they were really little … can you say double take!

  • Combined, Kendra and Kerra only have boys ... 5 to be exact (all 6 years old and under) and the title “boy mom” fits us well!

  • Our mom dressed us alike a lot but often one in pink and one in purple so people could tell us apart! However, many of our uncles struggled for years and just said “hey you” when they wanted our attention and trying to avoid calling us the wrong name.

We can’t believe we are still getting to do, what we LOVE to do and doing it while beside each other every day (well currently Covid-19, so there’s that). We count our blessings every day and are so grateful for each other and this company. If you have a random question for us, Times Two Design Co. related or not, holler and let us know!

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