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What is trending?

Trends can get a bad rap and we are here to tell you that, it’s a-ok to have trendy things and style. When we think about trending, we think about what’s cool, what is a new invention that hopefully will stick around after the hotness has worn off. Let’s all remember that bell bottoms were once a thing and now look, they are back. Brass use to be trending back in the 80’s and 90’s and here we are 2020 with brass making a comeback. Trends tell us about the history, and can easily be morphed into something else or styled differently to bring it into the current time. So, if you are still with us on hearing out some of our favorite trends, read on for a little sampler of what we see trending.

Black and white – it's simple, clean and so versatile. We see a lot of black and white homes, where white is the main color, but have you thought of mixing it up and shaking the trend without losing your love for black and white? Black as the main color, yes please! These few images show how it can change the tone all while keeping to the basics.

Mixed metals – we can totally get down with mixing them or not, but let it be known, you can’t go wrong here. We recently took a pole to see what the feels are, and it was very clear that most prefer to mix them. We love how your eye jumps around to all that room jewelry, and the ways each metal is tied into the space with a frame or other accents is just the right touch. We give mixing metal 2 thumbs up!

Wallpaper – this one might be our favorite trends and boeyyyy has this came a long way. It’s been around for like… ever, but has evolved with new styles, textures, application process options, you name it. It’s sophisticated, and turns head. It’s can the elephant in the room that you want to look at. Dabble in a small area like a bookshelf back or laundry closet to see if this is for you.

Home office – well this one is an obvious one thanks to the pandemic. But if we stop and think about it, we were kind of were headed this way (to some degree). There are many studies out there showing the success businesses have with employees working from home, even if part of the time. Many are trying to figure out how to make any extra space an office these days it will be interesting to see if this “trend” will be sticking around for the long haul.

Open concept – like reallyyyyy open concept. If you can’t see from one end of the house to the other is it even considered open concept? While we like a really an open concept, we also think open concept can be done with removing sometimes very little. Maybe you just need a wider doorway, or relocating a wall to make sense that it feels open but really structurally is the same.

Colors: if there is any trend that is going to change the fastest, it’s what colors are hot (at that moment). This is the beauty of what we do, by adding color we can show the clients personality with adding some color. You will find some of the color trends currently are blues, whites, greige, blush, golds and burnt oranges are just to name a few.

Hot flooring – we see things coming back like sheet vinyl flooring. Just like wallpapers, these have come a long way in designs, style, and function. The patterns and textures are fun and can add so much style to your space.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling the trends, we are seeing for 2020. Comment below if you have a trend your digging to share with us!

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