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small space - big impacts

We have a confession.... we LOVE small spaces! Like really, realllllyyyy love them! They are challenging and those challenges allow our creative juices to flow. Typically small spaces have something quirky and funky going on, which causes us to scratch our heads, and some of our best work has been produced because of those small space challenges.

We find often in small spaces that we go vertical and use every inch of wall space we can. Double stacking cabinetry, hanging art work or adding a office space that fits snug as a bug.... almost like it was intended to be built that way. Making those spaces look intentional is key to the small space jinga puzzle.

Small spaces put an emphasis on using every inch for the right function and sometimes that means doubling up on those functions. For example, Murphy beds can be your built-in display one minute and a spare bedroom the next.

For those who can give up a closet space, these are great for a small in home office or homework station for the kiddos. The best part is being able to close the door to the mess to an insta-clean room.

There is also something funny that can happen when you have more space.... they can become the most unorganized rooms. Take the laundry room for example... laundry rooms can really collect that dirty laundry faster than the speed of light. Small little areas like this space or under a stairway might be just enough room to make you stay inline with your laundry needs.

Closets.... don’t let a inch of these spaces go wasted. Double up on the hanging rods, install shelves high up for those items you wear seasonally, add hooks in all the nooks.

Stacked bathrooms are a great way to gain the most space in a bathroom. Allowing you go get all major fixtures in one space along one wall will gain you an entire walking isle.

Make sure you think through the design with finishes in mind. Brighter finishes tend to make the space to feel larger too!

Don’t get discouraged by your small space as we can assure you, your small space can make a big impact!

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