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seasonal home changes

August 31st...I'd like short skinny frozen vanilla latte, no whip (because it is summer and I need to watch my figure).

September 1st...I'll take a tall spiced pumpkin latte with half hot caramel cider, extra whip and scalding lava hot!

There is something about seasonal changes makes us go all wonky-silly-donky when it comes to seasonal foods, how we dress, new trends, decorating our homes, kids going back to school. Let's all just admit it, there's no pleasing us! It's a good thing we live in Michigan because it entertains our cravings for change. And there is something really wonderful about that. Spring gives us the refresher we love showing signs of new life, summer is filled with get togethers and vacations to inspire us, fall is the season of color and when we don't have to suck in our stomachs anymore because its SWEATER SEASON baby and winter brings the layers of cozy memories and decorations! Ahhhhh, don't you just love each season!

With the seasons often comes holidays and for many, that means a change up of the house. That comes in many forms, from major renovations to decorations to furniture re-arranging or even a move. It's quite common to host a gathering that turns into a remodel or addition because your family has outgrown the space and has different needs than before.

The seasons are a way to reinvent your style and showcase your personality. They have stages too that go with the flow of your life. Using pieces multiple ways or finding the new purpose for something doesn't always mean you have to start over from scratch. Remember that really cool piece of art you put in the attic that could be resurrected and now put on display. Are you into mixing old and new and want to try a blend to fill both style cups that give you joy. Do you need new family photos because you had 2 other kids but would never know it because you still only have a from when you had your first baby. Do you now own a dog and are tired of seeing the pet hair on your flooring. Our wants and needs will naturally change, so go with the flow of the season you are in!

It's okay to not be in love with everything in your home for the entire time you reside in it. Your likes and tastes will change and there is always new trends that you may be drawn to. Take it piece by piece. What about this room still makes your heart go pitter-patter? Do you invest in furniture pieces that can be easily jazzed up with a seasonal throw or pillows? Do you want to paint your currently stained trim or front door a new color? Can you change out your every day art work for seasonal art work? Change out a light fixture to give a new fresh feel. Can you move the Christmas tree from the left of the fireplace to the right, just even for a year to spice it up...I know, we are getting WILD now!

Keeping up with the seasons can be a constant struggle, especially when you see Christmas decor circle you twice before September in the local stores. But, going all Hallmark channel on you here, we find the change up to be a fun time. To keep us interested in our homes. To have those staple items that may be a family heirloom or brand new but never put on display the same two ways. The options are endless. Find inspiration in the change of seasons and let your style and personality be on display...for at least the next three months, then do it all over again!

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