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Render to Reality | House Street Library

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. The homeowners have a book collection that is massive was very intimidating thus, it sat in boxes in their basement. Then one day, she had an idea to take her empty living space in the basement, which also had a beautiful view outside, and turn it into her library. Instantly we were channeling our inner Belle from Beauty & The Beast.

Keeping the space flexible for resale was important, but creating a space that highlighted the collection was the highest priority. First it was necessary to take inventory of the collection to properly design the right scale and include the necessary linear feet of bookshelves. The homeowner wanted a cozy space and as it goes many times, her basement was often chilly.

A small element in the design was that we actually closed in the space...yes, you read that right. We are believers that enclosing a space is also a neat trend.

The space needed an appropriate amount bookshelf display and it needed a source of heat. We created balance by adding a visual waistline with having drawers and doors on the lower portion versus fully open shelves. Which, kept it from feeling overwhelming and busy and kept the books the main focus. Breaking up the space with a fireplace added a main focal point and took care of the need for a heat source. The client chose an electric fireplace to offset the need to break concrete for a gas line. There are so many great options for electric fireplaces online now-a-days. So if you are craving one for your home, here’s your proof they can look spectacular!

Small design details such as arches, stone texture, panel on the fireplace and a combination of doors and drawers brought added interest to the space. It’s her favorite room in the house! With the click of a button, she can create the perfect temperature on the fireplace and cozy up to read. Not over complicating the furniture plan with this simple layout of two oversized chairs and a table are just enough for the space. Now this space is the bookends holding purpose, function and beauty which was well executed by Nugent Builders.

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future." Charlotte Moss (interior designer)

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