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Render to Reality | House Street Kitchen

34 years ago, this kitchen was perfection with its raised wall at the peninsula, tight work triangle, bulkheads and loads of oak. Skip forward and wouldn't you know that the oak is still on point, just in smaller doses.

The project goals didn't include moving mountains with an extensive construction. It wasn't to have a huge island or remove all the interior walls. The goals were simple:

  • update the kitchen enough to compliment the oak

  • create a useable baking zone

After that, everything else would be a bonus. As you can see from the before photos, the kitchen had clear 80's vibes and while it looks like there is a lot of storage, take notice of the size of the cabinets. If you only cook with cutting boards, this kitchen was for you!

With a little appliance shuffle, major wins started to take place. With relocating the stove to gain a functional baking zone, we also gained a corner coffee station and a wide 12" deep pantry. Using a 12" deep pantry instead of a standard 24" pantry, gained us the opportunity to move the dishwasher from the peninsula over to the right side of the sink. This then gained a very functional lazy Suzan corner cabinet and a whopper of a drawer base.

We also removed two end walls - a true sign of the age of when the house was built. This also eliminated the "hallway" that was in the kitchen. Additionally, lowering the peninsula wall and adding an overhang at the peninsula give this baker a dream spot to layout all her sweet treats.

The gains of the new design left the homeowner feeling giddy and then we started to customize the layout more, diving into the details with cabinet details (rollout trays or types of lazy Suzan cabinets), internal storage solutions, cabinet sizes, lighting and color schemes.

A change of flooring to balance out the oak was just the ticket to achieve the first goal. Now there is adequate landing space on each side of the stove (function and safety) as well as the island for all her baking needs, checking off the second objective for this remodel. Even in smaller footprints, big wins can make all the difference.

Once again, Nugent Builders did a fantastic job at executing the plan. leaving the homeowner giddy to start baking up a storm.

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