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Practice makes perfect for planning your dream kitchen

Practice makes perfect when it comes to kitchen designs as there are so many details to work out. From product knowledge, budgets and our own personal renovations, we know a thing or two to provide the best designs to fit your needs.

· Cabinet layout: Use every inch to maximize your space adequately. Understanding how you work in your kitchen allows us to provide value to your designs to meet those every day needs. Do you need more upper cabinets that don’t allow you to remove some walls you were wishing to? Knowing when you need space and where you can take it is all part of the conversations we enjoy having.

· Evaluate your inventory: Do you store items all over the place that you use in the kitchen? Do you want to make it more functional and intentional by having enough space to house everything? We highly encourage you to take an inventory of your kitchens needed spaces. Purge the items you don’t use and design for the ones you do use. When we design your dream kitchen you will find the things you can see are the things you will use. A well-planned kitchen will also aid in staying organized.

· A place for everything: We might sound like a broken record but we truly believe that when items have a home they are used and cared for and it helps stay organized. Planning it out takes time and the devil is in the detail, but it will be oh-so-worth it in the end. We plan it right down to where the toothpicks will live, how many pots and pans you need to house, do you stack or go vertical with plates, etc.?

· Don’t forget the junk drawer: or maybe it’s junk drawerssssss (no shame in the junk drawers’ game!). Having a space where you don’t have to be so tidy (in moderation) is a must! Pencils, sticky notes, chip clips, twister ties, stickers, keys, bubbles, is a space for all the miscellaneous misfits go to live (or die). It’s the quick grab spot and sometimes when you have unexpected company you need a spot to stash the trash. If it works for your layout a great suggestion for the junk drawer to live is above the trash where the trash smells won’t bother the items like silverware or towels.

· How do you, do you? Do you work from tight to left or left to right? Think how you like to function at the stove for example… do you set the uncooked items on left and work across to the stove, then to the right? When you clean up do you scrape into the trash on the left, rinse in the sink in the middle then place in the dishwasher on the right? Do you like to look out a window or into another space for a sink placement? These are many ways we walk you through the fine details of your dream kitchen.

· Mechanical messes: Do you like looking at the microwave over the stove or plan to splurge and go for the microwave drawers? Do you want to remove it from the kitchen completely and hide (I mean place) the microwave in the pantry? Do you plan to use the vent on the microwave or are you going to dress up the stove with a hood and vent to the exterior?

· 2 butt kitchen or single chef? Do you cook as a duo most of the time or is it mainly a solo operation? Making sure you have enough isle room to pass by someone cooking at the stove or loading the dishwasher is where every inch may count.

· Cooking smarter not harder: Do you dream of the little things like pot fillers to not carry water, do you love the idea of eating a warm meal by keeping it warm in a warming drawer? Do you love technology for hands-free faucet options? The world is spinning fast and we love to incorporate technology and smarter ways of working in a kitchen because lets me honest, we spend the most time here.

· Island time: Serving buffets, homework stations, cookie making and baking space, or is this the main gathering area to feed your small armies? Islands can be the true heart of the kitchen! Islands can show your style, with cornballs, different height counters, shapes and finishes. They can be the spot to highlight and add layered lighting to add the extra flare if you dare.

· Power people + more details: You can never have enough outlets and even with the codes to meet minimum requirements, we find our designs going above and beyond to add more than enough. Under or in-cabinet lighting you won’t want to forget to add the level of ambiance and remove those dark spots. Glass accents to steal the show and highlight special spaces. Planning for the perfect appliance package are all items we add to our design details. Kitchens can be costly to renovate but with great planning like purchasing your appliance package around Black Friday or other great sales can save hundreds!

Kitchen’s can be costly to remodel and plan for, but with the right plan and details determined and figured out ahead of time, we can help you and your project stay on budget. We use a 3D software that allows us to walk you around your space to show you all the details. Getting it right the first time will allow you to enjoy your kitchen for years to come!

Cheers to all the kitchens!

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