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playroom storage - saving mom's sanity

We all love a main floor playroom where mom can hear and see all that goes on with the little's. However, we mamas don't love all the mess and visual clutter we see when we look into those wonderful spaces as they are usually filled with toys galore, no organization, and it feels like everything is on display.

Here we come to save the day... (Mighty mouse is on his way....okay, sorry I had to). We find great satisfaction in finding good, affordable, nice looking and intentional storage for all those primary colored goodies. Let's break it down......

1 | shelving

Shelving can be tricky as toys don't always fit so nicley on them. Get creative with baskets, put things up that you don't want little hands on, display artwork and make it fun, yet keep a simple pallet to calm the crazy down. We love this look and function of playroom solution. This makes me want to purge our toy room stat!

2 | cubby bins

The ease these little do-dads give kids to pull out their own toys, yet hides them when necessary is key. Kids like to have some control of what they can get into. Keeping these low so they don't topple over onto your sweets is important. We also find ourselves using them for our basketball buckets on those rainy days. It makes clean up time a bit more fun (okay, okay..... as fun as it can get) by giving each kiddo a basket to fill before the timer goes off. has a snazzy little design with cubbies below and a cute as a button globe display, pulled all together by the great shades of aqua color. High five you cool Organised Pretty Home people!

3 | baskets

Etsy for the win! These cute little baskets help make a space not only feel more organize, but simply can hold a lot of stuffffff! Blankets, fort making supplies, stuffed animals, you name it... everyone in! The great thing about baskets is they come in a zillion different sizes, shapes, materials and are not going to break the bank. This one below is actual fabric that will bend and is more flexible, which in return will more likely last longer.

4 | book storage

Displaying books can act as an art piece if done well. Reading to the babes helps their little minds grow like weeds. It's how we like to end every day, no matter what! We went to Home Goods and purchased some oversize little chairs (kind of like if a beanbag and chair would have a baby that's that they look like) and put them as our 'reading chairs'. It gives our little's a time and place to be to themselves, checkout and chill! And bonus, mom gets a little quiet time sometimes too. These are some of our favorite ideas for book storage and displays.

5 | misc storage for the win

And then there are those super random things that don't fit on a shelf, in a bin, or a basket, so some people get creative! Puzzles are so hard to store, either they get knocked over, spilled, don't stack nice or wouldn't you know your little wants the one on the very bottom and pulls and puzzle jenga happens. I love this sturdy and simple puzzle plaza!

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