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Master Suite Do's and Don'ts

Second to the kitchen, these master suites and en suites can be one of the most important spaces in the homes. You will love these spaces so much more if you have thought through your do and don'ts. This space is all about YOU, this is where you get to be selfish and think about YOUR wants and needs are and you get to dream BIG for your perfect master suite. Let's get dreaming!

DO | Add a fireplace . . . we don't have any reasons not to! Well, unless you don't have the space. These can be electric, gas or wood and the ambiance they give off is life changing. Every romantic movie has the perfect scene where the fire is flickering, creating the oh la la mode.

DO | Creating a space where you can go to relax adding in extra space or features that set the mood. Those spaces that send those perfect serene vibes can be the most relaxing. A reading room or section of the master suite will be a great spot to sit and wake slowly, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, or sit back and just enjoy the view.

DO | Consider a ceiling detail that adds just the right amount of extra details, lighting, height, and is so different from the other spaces. This is where you can get really creative and go for something bold, faux finishes that will make the master suite a show stopper.

DO | Make sure you have the best view and consider creating a space you can walk out onto, bringing the indoors out. Private decks and patios are the topping on the master suite cake! Whether you watch greenery grow or snowfall, this can be magical and healthy to have some outdoor feature tied to the master suite.

DO | Go bold with color and the go big or go home montra works really well in the master suite. Maybe it's furniture, fixtures or color - make it count!

DO | Make sure you plan for that perfect en suite attached at the right spot with privacy and above normal features. Since you will be using it the most of any other bathroom spaces, it will be more important to make sure you love it.

Do | The laundry can be seperate from another laundry space. It make sense to have one in your master suite as you will always live there, where the other laundry rooms might become a secondary as people come and go. The convenience will be worth it!

DO | Something REALLY different . . . like watch deer from your bathtub with a glass wall feature. This is too dreamy not to share!

DON'T | Forget things like the master and linen closets with skylights of course to allow natural light in and keep it bright and airy.

DON'T | Forget that it is okay to want space - away from everyone. Keeping the master suite in a more secluded space will keep the sanity.

DON'T | Be afraid to go all white, nothing says fresh like a white space with textures that really pop. Add extra textures and colors through things like throws, rugs, window treatments, and decor.

DON'T | Be afraid to put a fireplace in the bathroom. Making a spa like setting and one you will want to use often is the goal here, right!?

DON'T | Be afraid to not have things balanced and equal. Forcing to think outside the box can create some of the best spaces with the best functionality.

The master suite is a special space that we love helping create what works for YOU!

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