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I sure do like your style

Often, we get asked, “do you have a style?” or other forms of that same question such as “do you find it hard to design and not put your style on a project”, “what is your style?”. And truth be told, while we have a personal style just like you, our goal is to tap into our knowledge of styles, time periods, history and trends and pull from those. But even above those factual influences, there is another element that has a bigger factor in finding your style…listening. By asking questions and listening to what a homeowner is sharing (or not saying) can be very insightful in forming your style. A quick and fun way to find your style is to take the HGTV style finder quiz. And then read these definitions and check what styles resonate with you interior design style definitions to see if your quiz results are in alignment with these definitions. And then share this wonderful information with us!

You may have a defined style already but more often than not; we are challenged with a project that needs to add a function to the home AND to bring their style to life. We are trained to look at a home, gather information from your design interview and pull our knowledge of how to make this all work and come together cohesively for homeowners. No matter what the project, we offer services to give you the opportunity to invest in the design process which can be very helpful in determining the details such as style, layout, finishes, or the overall design by creating a mood board, designing on our software or taking the design all the way through to the end by selecting all the finishes. And we find this is a sure way to be very intentional and stay true to your style goals. The more visual communication we can share (both ways) helps all of us see the balance between what you currently have to work with or what needs to have more emphasis put on it for your style to come through. That applies to a anyone working with a clean slate in new construction too and we feel both have the same results when working with Times Two Design Company.

Source: Joybird

Keep in mind, many times, styles get combined. Think of it the same way we think of celebrity couples like Brangelina. Hence…the style "modern-farmhouse" was born.

Some tools that help us all get on the same page in determining your style:

· A picture is worth a thousand words. In this day and age, this statement has never been truer. With technology being so advanced, there are apps that make this easy peezy lemon squeezy! Start a Pinterest board-pin anything you like…don’t be shy…it can simply trigger an idea or something to share that you may not be able to describe as well. Start a Houzz account. Clip articles (is that still a thing???). Snap a picture of your friend’s house or something you saw somewhere that you were drawn to.

· Make lists of things you are drawn to or heck, even things you are not drawn to can help paint the picture!

· Take the quiz in the link at the beginning of this blog and share those results with your designer.

· Determine if there are elements in your home that MUST work with the new design and style you are trying to achieve and share that with us! Even if you don't think they can work, that is the magic an interior designer can pull off!

All this said, your style can-may-will change…it’s okay. Remember…you used to wear bell bottoms and wear emoji smiley faces on your shirts…and look, those came back once too!

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