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Honeymoon phase for a new build or remodel

Ohhhh the excitement of a new home or remodeled space gets us right in the old ticker. It’s fun, exciting and exhausting on all accounts for new builds or remodels, so here is a huge CONGRATS to making through the tough stuff! That may be watching your project come to life slowly, picking out the endless finishes, making revisions and crossing every T and dotting every I, along with watching it get bad before it gets better. All to make it to the finish line and then seeing the space you envisioned. You have now entered the honeymoon phase of your project where you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned labor. But before you do here is a checklist we want to think about before you pop the bubbly!

There are so many things to do before you move in and start off on the right foot. (However, make sure you check back with your builder as many of these may be handled by them.)

Cleaning: What do you mean you have to clean a newly remodeled or built space? We would love to say this is not needed but once the dust settles (literally) it will show on everything! A few tips are…

  • Hire it out and let the professionals really give it a one over – they do this for a living and are good at it. It also is so refreshing to walk into a clean space that is ready to be decorated and lived in!

  • Clean the ducts because, dust! Dust goes everywhere and the spots you don’t notice or forget about can impact the longevity of your system and accessories.

  • Windows – those babies need to shine like a diamond, make it happen so you don’t sit there and stare at the dust and streaks, instead of enjoying your space.

  • Have your items purged before you move in or sort it out in another space so you only bring in what you want to use and will use. This will move you into the honeymoon phase quicker!

  • On the other end of purging is to create those piles to drop off to a donation, have a garage sale or just pitch! Don’t let those items hang around cramping your honeymoon phase.

Test it out: Make sure it works asap!

  • Do your own punch list to make sure it works as it should. Now is the time before you get all of the items in your space to work around. Are there spots that need a touch up of paint, is there a trim piece that needs some attention, etc. does the appliance work just as it should?

  • Get familiar with how appliances work, where switches are, and what breaker switch it is in the power box. You will thank us later when the power goes out that you know right where the breaker is to bring it back to life.

Create a plan: literally map it out, create a calendar and take time to stand back and breath. Having a plan from day 1 is the best as in the back end it will speed things up.

  • Have your new “preferred” cleaning supplies ready to go. Maybe you have new finishes that require different cleaners to perform best. Have your items ready to go and label them of which items they are to be used on – and ones they are NOT to be used on. If it says best results with a microfiber cloth, by golly go get yourself a microfiber cloth!

  • Have your touch up kits ready and contacts for repairs and how to get a hold of them in an easy to find project folder. We hope you never need this soon after a completed project but you just might. Having it in one spot helps!

  • Clean out your project folder for staying organized and making it easier when you need to find Joe-smoes name who did the install. Isn’t it funny how you can’t think of someone’s name when you’re in the moment of needing it… ha!

  • Label those left-over paint and stain cans of what space it was used for, the date of when it was purchased (and even where it was purchased) and make sure your label is readable to match for future touch ups.

And then it’s all fun and games until the first scratch on the floor, the first nick on your white cabinet, the first of anything. I mean accidents happen, and it stinks when they do but it also helps us relax and allows us to be able to live in our homes. But this does not mean the honeymoon phase has to end. Mix up your space by changing out the décor, moving furniture around, adding a new rug, repainting to keep it fresh, and add texture. Spaces can change functionally, but keep it interesting by creating spaces that can warp into something new and grow with your family’s needs is what we are here for!

Cheers to your new spaces!

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