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home maintenance checklist

Homeownership and adulting can be A LOT sometimes and with so much to remember, some times things fall through the cracks. Maintaining a home not only is just part of the job, but helps keep things lasting as long as they can. We suggest breaking it down to help it not feel so overwhelming. That might be by the seasons of spring, summer, fall or winter, or maybe its per month. There is always the right time to do the right task, like deep cleaning in the spring when windows can be opened. Saving indoor task for the not so nice weather, like ridding those closets of all the outgrown items, will give you a breath of fresh air. We have compiled a list by the season to guide you on where to start.

Start by working inward out…

Cleaning… this makes our OCD hearts do a few happy flips! There was nothing better than the great purge of 2019! If you are debating if its easier to clean it or just move, it’s a sign that IT’S TIME! Cleaning can be an overwhelming task too as it can be years of things accumulated over time. Finding time when the kids are not (key word… NOT) around to see their no-longer-used box of toys go to your local charity, is a task in itself. A few things that have worked well for us…

1- Get a babysitter so you can be focused…for real! For some reason everyone needs you when you start a task….am I right?!

2- Make piles of “keep, put away or rid of”. It helps knowing the final destination and location.

3- Buy the right storage bins: Clear totes are the only way we can store things. If we can’t see what it is, I usually don’t use it.

4- Buy the right storage shelves: Go vertical and gain the floor space, but make sure the totes fit the opening space.

5- Good lighting in storage spaces is a must for finding what you have in a jiffy!

There is a feeling of completion when you can get through each room and can move to the outdoors when it is nice out. A quick and simple list of areas to start in each room is:

1- Closets… get those babies gutted and start with a clean slate. Plus, it’s the largest task so tackling it first can bring great joy! Fist bump, you can do it!

2- Dressers and drawers: empty, put in new liner and purge as you put back!

3- Change out the sheets and wash the curtains. There is something so refreshing about new sheets and clean curtains with a fresh breeze passing through the room.

4- Dust, vacuum, clean carpets, and put in a new scent in the wax burner & plug-in!

5- Clocks: a great way to remember to change the batteries is at Spring ahead and Fall back time change.

Move it outdoors with our checklist per the season task list. There is always something more to add to the great to-do list, like pool maintenance, etc. Walk around and make sure your list includes all of the items that might be special to you and your home.

If you are thinking about selling your home, this list will make you feel on top of the world when it’s time. Being able to hand over a list to the new owners will leave a lasting impression that you were in fact on you’re A-game!

The BEST part is when you can check off the final item, wad that list up and make a basket…score!!!!

Cheers to the checklist!

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