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design is in ev-ry-thing

Spoiler alert… here, there and everywhere, design is in ev-ry-thaaang! And we are not mad about it. We are two gals who practice a work smarter not harder kind of mentality, so we are all about a design that works extra awesome with an added touch of looking great. We are very thankful for time and evolution, but love to drift back to thinking that homes use to be insulated with shredded newspaper, logs were cut and pulled by horse then sawed by hand or a state of the art (for it’s time) logger. Things may have taken longer back then but those days have taught us a lot about how we do things today.

When you stop to think how some ‘thing’ …a kitchen utensil, vehicle on the road, or the rooms we are in each day work… we can all stop and thank a creative person that put a little thought and a lot of design into it to make our lives easier. Do you ever stop yourself with a great idea and think… that might be the golden ticket to a deal with Lori Greiner from QVC on the Shark Tank?

Don’t forget that design can be to camouflage something or make it stand out. Designing has reason, history, meanings and a purpose. Designs can be for function or for form. Creative inventions were not just a fun idea, but in the end are executed with great design. Just think of the world without sporks, the metal rub-a-way soap bar, rideable luggage, ring doorbell security, or USB outlets just to name a few cool designs that have solved a problem.

Coming from a family farm, we often think about machinery design like a buddy seat in a tractor, or the precise spacing of a corn planter, and now-a-days a GPS to show you where you have planted, how wet it is, you name it!

People can get pretty creative with their designs (aka hacks!) and we applaud them for their efforts to make the world run a little smoother. Designs can be tricky to spot like a hidden door in a bookshelf. They can be to add a fun visual with a light that cast amazing patterns on the walls and ceiling. It also can be quite genius when it comes to designing to stay organized! Who doesn’t love a tidy utensil drawer?

So, when it comes to homes, here are some smart designs elements to consider in your home:

1- Remote controlled lights – Smartphones for the win!

2- Soft-closing drawers and cabinets – keep that kitchen looking good with less slamming.

3- Wireless A/C Controlling remotes – sends signals to your HVAC unit over WIFI – alright alrightttttt

4- Framed Samsung TV to act as a art piece as well as a TV – a must have for anyone who didn’t want the TV hung over the fireplace but compromised so it’s hanging over the fireplace

5- Crypton stain repellents – these coat every fiber and not just the surface… your welcome mommas!

Don’t let a problem get in your way of a good design. Step back, take a deep breath and think long and hard about it. Let it marinade and in the end, we know you will land on something that your mind designed to give you the perfect solution!

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