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consider this: bathroom design tid-bits

Isn’t it interesting that the names for a bathroom…the lavatory, the wash room, the restroom all sound so nice and dainty compared to what happens in there? Anywho...maybe you have been to a hotel and fell in love with their bathroom facility. Or maybe you are over your current one and are starting to consider a bathroom remodel. Here are some of our best designer tips to consider when designing your space.

The loo…

  • Do you like a private water closet?

  • Do you have the space to add another door into the restroom?

  • Can semi-private with a half wall accomplish the need for some privacy?

  • Comfort height is now a standard in the industry. And yes, that inch is the difference between feeling like you are falling from heaven or landing comfortably.

  • Exhaust fans have two purposes: 1) to take moisture out of the room that is created from a shower and 2) to remove stink from the room. Consider the Panasonic Whisper series for ultra quiet but powerful (110 CFM) exhaust fan. And put it on a timer…they are THAT quiet, you won’t even realize they have been running all day.

  • Elongated is preferred for ergonomics and comfort for all, but if you are fighting for inches, go for the round front.

  • Skirted two-piece toilets were invented by a mom of boys or a house cleaner.

  • Slow close toilet seats may seem silly, but how many times do you remember hearing a slam of a heavy toilet seat hitting the bowl. For the extra $50-$100, it’s a nice upgrade.

  • FYI: toilets don’t flush in reverse on the two hemispheres…we can’t believe you would believe that crap ;)

The vanity…

  • Ultra-creative zone to include fun features like using a furniture piece, wall mounting for a modern look, going streamlined with a floating counter top, using lots of various materials, and more!

  • Even if you have the space for two sinks, do you prefer more counter space or do you need to have your own sink. (That can be a marriage saver and we are not judging!)

  • Towel storage or display can be creatively included here.

  • Your faucets don’t have to be matchy-matchy with your lavatory lights and mirrors

  • Add a valance to the toe kick for some added pizazz.

  • Drawers are really nice but sizing matters. Consider the items you need to store and give yourself enough space.

  • Lighting is such a beautiful compliment to making this space extra special.

The bathing situation…

  • Its no longer a “must” to have a bathtub in the house. From what we’ve learned, it’s a personal preference.

  • There is the wet room (European) approach to consider. It’s literally where everything can get wet in the room, proper sloping and material selections will execute this beautifully, along with the actual design.

  • Entry level is a bath/shower unit. Then acrylic tub with tile surround will be the next level of investment. From there, a custom tile shower with a separate tub or sans tub) will be your next investment. The range for just this single amenity can jump from $5,000 to $12,000+ quickly!

  • There is an art to laying tile. Have a tile layout meeting with your designer before installation with everyone to go over the details. This hour meeting puts everyone on the same page.

  • Curb-less showers are the rave, BUT the investment is something to consider. It’s more complex and often requires re-framing a floor system. Between the labor to do that and the pan that is required to execute this look can be around $3,000.

  • The faucet options are really endless…to a point. Consulting with a plumber, designer or a showroom professional to know your options and the constraints to get all the proper pieces is important.

  • Rain-heads are such a fun experience but often are meant to have a “rain” feel, with less pressure. Using them as the main water source to get shampoo out of your hair may need to be reconsidered.

  • Aging in place can be easily accomplished by adding bracing to the walls where grab bars would get installed in the future.

  • Consider a handheld shower head on a glide bar for easy cleaning, bathing kids and pets and aging in place. That’s a win-win-win!

  • Have fun with the materials! Your options can be so creative!

  • Niches, benches and shaving ledges add so much function.


  • Woof…this may very well be the trickiest thing about the whole space because we are often fighting for inches. But, as we at TTDC say, there is always a solution!

  • This may come in the form of hooks, bars, or shelves, not just cabinetry.

  • Do you have a piece of furniture that you want to include that can double as storage?

  • There are some great (& well priced) options online that offer a decorative look while providing great storage.

  • Laundry chutes while are old in their invention are still a wonderful consideration.

  • Are you open to this being outside the bathroom, such as in the hallway in a linen closet?


  • Bigger tiles = less grout

  • Power grout is the way to go. Some tiles need to be sealed before installing.

  • There are lots of fun mosaics, patterned tiles, textures and grout options to customize your space with your tastes.

  • Lighting matters. Typically, more is better. Include general lighting (recessed cans) with decorative lighting such as pendants, sconces, chandeliers but know that currently in Michigan, the code does not allow for a chandelier to be placed over open water (a bathtub). Crazy right!

  • Polished chrome is most widely available in any plumbing fixture and the least expensive. Brushed nickel is next, then oil rubbed bronze, black, polished nickel and brass. Someone out there has a diamond crusted faucet…we just know it!

Trust your designer and have fun with this space! And when it all becomes too much with too many details to hash out, give us a shout and we will happily and painlessly walk you through your bathroom design.

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