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Are you a renovation attic… we mean addict! Do you dream of finishing the spaces that no one will go? Do you want to embrace exposed rafters and joist to see the homes true bones and beauty? Do you like a cold basement that allows you to snuggle on an oversize sofa? Do you need extra space for visitors? Dark, cold and spider filled spaces like basements, above the garage, and attics are all prime real estate that can really add function to your home. Whether it’s a storage space, kids play area, reading rooms, home offices, bathrooms, etc. there is potential to really maximize every inch of what you have. Let’s dig into these dark and spider filled spaces to scratch the surface on what they could be!


There is something cozy and unique about an attic space when it transforms into a space you only dreamed of. Seeing the guts of the roof peaks, embracing the exposed features by not closing it in, gives it a special touch and character. Adding light in unique ways like in between rafters, adding a cute pendant or chandelier to add extra ambiance that won’t make you go batty. Try adding skylights to help bring in the natural light. These spaces often come with one major downside…. the limited head room. Roof angles can be tricky in these spaces, especially when you have multiple angles coming together. When outfitting our attic, utilize the center highest points for head room, add storage, desk, or built-ins along the short sides. Consider finishing the ceiling without drywall to give it a grand and much taller feeling. Stairs can also be a bugger to think about. Consider contacting a designer to help with angles and make sure your placement of stairs is going to make the most sense, meet code and look intentional. These attics are dreamy and great ideas to start with!


The men dens, the storage spaces, the kids hang out and playrooms, gyms, cellars and oh-so-many more design opportunities. So many that you might feel like it’s adding a whole new level (literally) to your home! They are naturally cool spaces, as in temperature, that need love too. These cool spaces can be perfect for housing your adult beverages. Low ceilings can be tricky in a basement with trunks of duct work running all over the place, but that can also lend a hand in creating a beautiful coffered ceiling. Jazz it up with trimming out drywall or keep it simple and exposed and paint it all one color. Keeping the mechanics in one common space and or consolidating it to that one space will make it worth the move so you are not working around funky obstacles. Trenching concrete can be messy and time consuming and something often times forgotten when homeowners want to add water for a bathroom, wet bar, or laundry to a basement if not planned for previously. Bars, commonly found in basement homes, are also a great use of the basement space for adding seating spaces for the holidays. Think outside the bar box by eliminating the traditional bar cabinets by placing a simply table top off the wall for drinks. We find basements so fun, challenging and more so like a designers jinga puzzle, so bring on all the basements!

Above the garage

Often when someone adds or remodels a garage, they consider going vertical and adding rooms above the garage. These spaces can tie into a home or be completely separate. Seasonal decor storage, the landing spot for the hubbies hunting ‘stuff’ or a great spot for hiding Christmas gifts, these spaces never go unused! Another great use for this space is a home office that in a way, is ‘out of the home’. It’s a way to get keep the separation of work life balance, and bonus… save on gas. The nice thing about these spaces is that they can have a separate entrance, giving you added privacy.

Often times these basements, attics or above the garage spaces are ones a home owner wants to try to tackle themselves, which we love. However, with multiple purposes they can get tricky to layout, and can be complicated. Having a designer can help visualize the options you have. Start those Pinterest idea boards and let us know if you are looking to add some space in one of these areas to your home!

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