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Bathroom transformation 101

If we were betting fools, we'd bet you all are as big of a sucker for a good ol' “before and after” just like us! We are excited to share a nice little before and after transformation brought to you from us here at Times Two Design Co.

There are projects that are so grand in their transformation that you can hardly tell where the old was or even what was done because it changed everything and then there are these gems.

These “gems” are the forgotten spaces that lack in storage, aesthetic interest and have very little done to it in its life. Often thought of as boring and basic, they simply exist as under-utilized space in our homes. But that’s where we believe that even the smallest and least used spaces should not be wasted and even the darkest of holes in our homes can add value by some simple changes that don’t have to be high dollar investment to enjoy.

Often, there is ample space but a simple refresher can do the trick. Listening to our clients needs and combing it with design details that check off 1, 2 or 3 MUST have's, add mega value and is a win for all!


Like this little gem of a bathroom. For these homeowners, this is their second home but being only 30 minutes away from their main homestead, they often are here with their two twin daughters and many family members enjoying the lake and quiet surrounding. This bathroom services the little energetic girlies as well as guests but as mentioned, there were 3 must have's on their list:


1) mama wants a bathtub...not for her, for the kids

2) lots of storage was needed

3) a finish upgrade that made it feel more current since there is no natural light and it is in the basement


The design first started with one of our mood boards and in this case, the homeowners elected to have us create two mood boards so they could choose between two styles. Their mood boards gave them a complete "look" since the floor plan wasn't changing much. This client's mood board not only created their look, but also took into consideration budget, ease of cleaning and colors they were drawn to.

However, you might be thinking...hey, it looks like you took away storage from the bathroom in those very first two pictures. And we can see how you might think that at first, but what kinda of designers would we be by taking a must have off the table and not using our creative minds to find other solutions. We weren't about to give up storage when we knew we had other under-utilized space to tap into. In fact, we added TWO double closets by bumping into the extremely large guest bedroom, creating a hallway. And on top of that, the vanity is FULL of drawers for the girls and guests.

From there, we worked together to tweak a few elements, create floor plans documents for the contractor and finalize the selections. This space, with its few changes now is a cute bathroom that checks off all three must have’s: bathtub…check, storage…double check, finishes that feel current and timeless…check mate!

Oh, and remember how we mentioned that no space should be wasted…we lied. It was with great intention that there was designed “wasted” space in this plan behind the shower/tub unit. That space houses other mechanical drains that cannot be moved or changed. So instead of having a jog or a small tub, we had plenty of room to wall off the back a smidgen creating the chase needed for those mechanicals while centering the tub and not compromising any floor place.

These after photos make our designer hearts go pitter-patter because its fun to see a space take on its own personality but the cherry on this bathroom cake is knowing that the clients got exactly what they hoped for by us listening to their wants and needs and we were able to help them achieve that. They now love this bathroom and being in it. Their daughters and guests have a space that is bright, current, pretty and functional. We hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos as much as we do!

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