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Coming from a family farm where work ethics run strong, mom was a creative teacher, and dad built everything from semi trailers to barns; the creative juices were instilled in us early on. Both designers hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, in Interior Design . . . Go Green, Go White! 


The design duo, prides themselves in following their core values which are: to be humbly confident, do the right thing, listen first- speak second, there's always a solution, and love what we do. By following these core values, our goal is to give a one-of-a-kind experience to clients, by providing a functional and personalized design.


A tid-bit about Kendra . . . a whole 12 whopping minutes older than Kerra. Her eye for the details in design is combined from both commercial and residential and her design experience was elevated even more when she was given the opportunity to design a headquarters over in Europe. Space planning makes her heart go pitter-patter! Being innovative yet simplifying the process is a strong characteristic of hers. Kendra and her husband, Jeremy (along with their three small children) bought a farmhouse, and while in great condition with a solid foundation, they have been making it their own over the years working on their list of projects to make it work for their family. There is something charming about old homes, and finding solutions that fit the style and age of the home, yet modernize it for their daily functions. It is a standing joke that they are "not going to do a project for some time", but that only gives them the itch to move onto the next home project. 

"It was great to have the experience like our clients would when remodeling our kitchen. To really understand that we would be without a kitchen for a few weeks, put it in a new perspective I can speak to. Staying on time and budget was the topping to our project!" - Kendra 


A smidge about Kerra . . . she has been living, eating, breathing and dreaming residential design for 8+ years and it shows. With a wide spectrum of projects ranging from additions, kitchens, bathrooms, bonus rooms, lower levels and more, Kerra's experience in design/build residential remodeling has taught her to look for a solution since no two projects are ever the same. Providing experience in pricing, specifying and selecting products, Kerra is extremely detailed and is a firm believer that the success of a project is in the details. Kerra has worked on the smallest of spaces to provide a big impact and the largest of homes providing clarity and creativity. She has been a design manager, and all connections leave her with new found friendships. Kerra, married a handyman, welder and detailed-oriented do-it-yourself-er, Jake. Together they have two kiddos. They have a unique trait of being old souls, which people can't get enough of. Their recent adventure is the purchase of their old, 1928 farm and farmhouse, which they are bringing back to life. They bought a "project" and while some might find their list daunting, they are taking it head on and loving it! 

" I love that no two projects are ever the same. I love that I get to be part of changing how someone uses their newly remodeled space. I love giving clients their "ah-ha" moment when they not only can see the design, but have successfully (and painlessly) picked out all of their selections."  - Kerra 

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